At Gursky Performance Equine we use cutting edge technology and science to treat all foot pathologies. Digital x-ray guided therapeutic shoeing, front line surgical procedures and nutrition manipulation to give results unavailable to the majority of todays equine practitioners. Canker, Sand Cracks, Lacerations involving the hoof or Coronet band, Keratoma, and lameness caused by neglected or inappropriately maintained hoofs are not only treated but cured in the care of Gursky Performance Equine Veterinary Services.


DIAGNOSTICS AVAILABLE: Portable digital X-ray, Portable venogram capabilities, Portable ultrasound technology.


LAMINITIS: cutting edge, life saving methods that are proving to not only save horses lives but return them to previous performance.


NAVICULAR SYNDROME: Methods used by Gursky Performance Equine Veterinary Services are keeping horses performing at the top level.

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